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We are called to live out our faith by participating in public life. The United States Bishops provide some helpful resources in forming our consciences so we can make an informed decision after prayerful reflection. Here are some tips to help.

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How to Report Abuse

The Archdiocese takes very seriously any and all allegations of misconduct by members of the clergy, Religious and lay staff of the Archdiocese.  We encourage anyone with knowledge of an act of misconduct to inform us immediately so that we may take appropriate action to protect others and provide support to victims of sexual abuse and other misconduct.

Individuals who wish to report an allegation of sexual misconduct may do so by calling Karen Clark, the Director of the Department for the Protection of the Faithful at 973-497-4254.  Victims in need of assistance should call the Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator at (201) 407-3256. They are also encouraged to call the Attorney General of NJ Clergy Abuse Hotline at 855-363-6548.