Missionaries in May

Who Calls us to Listen?

“. . . whenever we listen with the heart: people feel that they are being heard, not judged; they feel free to recount their own experiences and their spiritual journey. . . Do we allow people to express themselves, to walk in faith even though they have had difficulties in life, and to be part of the life of the community without being hindered, rejected or judged?” - Pope Francis

Why Do We Go Out?

“Knowing Jesus is the best gift that any person can receive; that we have encountered Him is the best thing that has happened in our lives, and making him known by our word and deeds is our joy” - Fifth General Conference of Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean (Pope Francis was one of the main leaders at this conference before he was the Pope!)

Our parish wants to hear from you!  In your lifelong experience of the Catholic Church when has it been helpful or not helpful for you and your family?

Do you know of people who are disengaged from the church for whatever reason, and you wish they could experience what you experience here?  We would like to pray for them, give us their names by clicking the link below. (The names are confidential.)

Has God used you recently as a "missionary" reaching out to someone who is disengaged?  We would like to hear your story! Share your missionary experience by clicking on the link below. (Again, all submitted names are confidential.)

Share your prayer intentions and/or your missionary success story here.

Meet The Team


Fr. Matthew Dooley

 It is my hope that together we can help one another grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father. Rooted in Jesus Christ and the gift that is the Sacramental life of our Faith, the Little Flower faith community lives her mission of discipleship by forming the faithful in and celebrating these mysteries. The rich tradition of our Catholic faith and the Little Flower community desire to be your companion on this journey. 


Dan Grossano

I have been on staff at Little Flower since September 2018 and live in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.  I wanted to be a part of the missionary team as I long for people to personally encounter Jesus Christ in the same way that He changed the direction of my life while I was in college.


Marie Hack

I have lived in Berkeley Heights and been a member of Little Flower for 38 years. 

I joined the Missionary Team because I have a concern for Catholics who are no longer connected to the church. I know no one is exempt from life's sufferings and it saddens me to think of anyone living without a community of faith to support them. Jesus and my connection to this faith community gives me joy, strength and consolation.


Nicholas Matthes

I have lived in Berkeley Heights for 28 years and have been a member of Little Flower for 29 years. 

I joined the Missionary Team to share my experience with God with other people in hopes that they would come to Him. 


Deacon Mike Montemurro

I have lived in Berkeley Heights and been a member of Little Flower since 1972. (But l have been to Little Flower  visiting relatives and friends since the 1950's!)
I joined the Missionary Team to spread the good news, the gospel message of Jesus Christ, through prayer, evangelization, reaching out to the homebound, the lonely, and those who have been away from the Church for whatever reason.


David Sankel

I have lived in Berkeley Heights for a little over 5 years. I joined the Missionary Team to assist in God's work for the salvation of souls.


Mark Williams

I live in Far Hills, NJ with my bride, Karen. As a clerical abuse survivor, I was drawn to Little Flower by the Holy Spirit during the summer of 2018 in the wake of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report and the revelations of Theodore McCarrick. I feel profoundly called to our missionary team to help bring a message of prevention, justice and healing during this synodal time of listening and walking together to truly imagine a new Church, one which locally and globally models our Lord's love for all persons. 


Brian Middlebrook

I am married to Roxanne and we have three young adult children.  We have been members of Little Flower for 23 years.

Team Calendar

May 21st and May 22nd

The Missionary Team speaks at all Masses

May 23rd - June 3rd

Know someone who needs a visit? Contact us! pastoral110.lf@gmail.com

June 4th

Missionary visits begin