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8th Grade Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation gives special graces of the Holy Spirit to the person being confirmed, just as such graces were granted to the Apostles on Pentecost.

Our Overarching goal

  • To experience God and your faith in some aspect of the program – could be in

    • Prayer

    • Doing service

    • A scripture reading

    • The Eucharist at Mass

    • Music 

  • To understand the importance of serving others

  • To create a memory that you can look back on that touched you and made a connection with your faith and your God

  • To help all of us attain The Best Version of Yourself 

Head Heart HandsConfirm.png
Instructional Sessions and Service Projects

Instructional Sessions

Sessions consists of

  • Lesson or Topic from Decision Point, Chosen or Other Program or Website, for example, Life is Choices, Who is Jesus?, etc

  • Material, Video and/or Speaker in Large group

  • Small group break out sessions 7-9 youth facilitated by Mentors

  • Wrap up (Reflections, Comments, Questions)

  • Following week – Recap from previous


Schedule of Sessions 

  • 12 - 1 1/2 hour sessions

  • Typically two sessions/month running throughout the 8th grade year

Best version of yourself.png
Best version of yourself.png

Service Projects

  • 24 hours of Service

  • “Serve those in need”, “Give witness to the Gospel”

  • Two Saturdays During Program (3 hours of Service each

    • Combined Session and Service Day and Service/Barbeque

    • Go out and Live our Faith – Put it to Action, “break bread together” with Small Group Discussion, Learn about a topic

    • Service With Parents (Engagement), Sponsors and Recommend Mentors

    • Sponsors welcome at both sessions but must make one – takes place of retreat in past

    • Make memories, Draw from these experiences 

  • A minimum of 18 additional hours serving the community, parish and family (at least 2 hours per area)

    • Service Opportunities for Groups of youth with chaperone

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Please contact: 

Confirmation Coordinator

908-464-1585 ext. 134

Requirements and Important Dates

  • Before you sign up for our program, please ensure you are a parishioner of the Church of the Little Flower.  Click here to become a parishioner

  • Please register through Community Pass

  • Volunteers are always welcome and needed for service projects

2023-2024 Confirmation Candidate Schedule (click on the image below for pdf)

23-24 Confirmation Calendar.jpg
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