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the Heights

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Fun Crew

Join us for any or all activities and events we have scheduled, and bring a friend (or two!).  From Escape Rooms to holiday gatherings to group hikes, we have lots in store for the coming year and hope to see you there! 

If interested, please contact


Faith Family

Our mission, at Little Flower Church, is to help teenagers find a sense of community and encounter Jesus Christ through prayer and friendship. We encourage you to engage and get involved! Consider offering your talents to our church community—the Music Ministry is always looking for musicians and singers. If you enjoy working with children, jump in to lead a Children's Liturgy of the Word

one Sunday or help out at Vacation Bible School! There are many opportunities to experience and deepen your faith here at Little Flower—we are here for you! 

If interested, please contact

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Kindness Team

The kindness team spreads kindness through service projects. We believe you can make a difference in your community with one kind gesture at a time.  We will show you how to create an event, raise funds and use the funds to help those in need. You will have opportunities to volunteer for hours of service. If you are interested in starting this journey of becoming a volunteer on the kindness team, please contact


Our mission is to create an inviting and safe environment for high schoolers to spend time together while nurturing new relationships, spreading kindness and growing in faith. 


This is accomplished under three different pillars: FUN, FAITH and KINDNESS.  We are open to all faiths so all are welcome to soar to new HEIGHTS with us. Students may participate in any or all of these opportunities.

For the "Faith Family" and "Kindness Team" ONLY:

You will have opportunities to volunteer for 20 hours of service. Once you accomplish 20 hours, you become an "Ambassador". You can work in your community to get to 40 hours and then you become a "Champion" of Service.

Click here to log your hours.

Berkeley Heights Winter Walk

Our Kindness Team teens helped out throughout the" best day of the year" in Berkeley Heights.  It all began in the morning at the Santa Visit, helping to move the lines and hand out hot cocoa.  Then they handed out fliers and dressed up as the snowman and reindeer and walked around during the Winter Walk.  Kids of all ages loved to say hello and take lots of pics!  #spreadkindness #winterwalkBH

Elf on the Shelf


The Kindness Team worked on a top secret project; they assembled 25 days of Christmas adventures for the Elf on the Shelf surprise for  our little elf Kinleigh.  Kinleigh is a very sick seven year old girl.  The teens wanted to make each day of December a bit happier and brighter for her and her family.  Amanda, Lucia, Lauren and Hayden organized the 25 ideas for the elves...some were fun, some were interactive and some were pretty naughty!  They included the idea, supplies for the elf, and wrapped each one separately. Kinleigh's sister and her family will unwrap one gift each day and set up the Elf on the Shelf each night.  Thank you to all who helped make this a special event for Kinleigh and her family!


Thanksgiving Food Drive


The Kindness team, in conjunction with the Berkeley Heights Education Association, fed 18 families for Thanksgiving.  The teens organized the food items, followed a grocery list, and shopped for each family,  The BHEA grant was very generous and we were able to not only give them items for Thanksgiving (turkey, potatoes, stuffing and fresh vegetables) but also some staple items like oatmeal, protein bars, canned vegetables and cereal.  We were also able to give toiletries that were donated by the BHEA through the schools.  A BIG thank you to everyone who participated and to those adults who delivered to the local families. 

We are thankful for you all!


The Kindness Team Preparing Care Packages for College Freshmen

On October 15th the Kindness Team made care packages for our college freshmen. They set up an assembly line to get in done in less than 20 minutes! They also separated out into teams to create work plans and organize fund raisers and service projects for the next few months. Looking forward to sharing our service projects and fundraisers with our Berkeley Heights community!

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