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Disciples in Action

As Catholic Christians, “Disciples” of Jesus Christ, we are called by Christ’s words to love and serve one another. In order to “be” like Christ, we love each other because He loved others. We serve others because He served others.

“This is how all people will know you are my disciples”

It is not enough that we feel blessed, and we feel God’s love. We are called to share our blessings with others to allow the love of God to come through us. Sharing our time and talents with others helps us to become more like Christ, to “be” Christ to others, and to become closer to Him.

The Church of the Little Flower offers numerous ways to live out our faith and share our blessings in service to others as Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Below are some of our Little Flower Disciples of Christ, sharing their stories of their faith in action by serving others through opportunities at our parish.

          Are you called to be a Disciple in Action?

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Check out our parishioner volunteers who are
true examples of Disciples in Action


"I oversee all components of liturgies that happen in the church everyday, assist sacrament leaders with sacramental Masses and sacraments outside of Mass, help with the coordination of weddings, and supervise the decorating in the church. I am also responsible for the slide projections that you see at Masses and livestreaming of all Masses and services. Finally I serve as the social media person, maintaining our sites on Instagram, Facebook and X. 

I felt a calling to serve the church when I was very young as an altar server at Immaculate Heart of Mary when my family lived in Scotch Plains. Even though I was very young, my mother used to tell me that I would tell her at Mass that I didn't understand why there were no girls serving and I insisted that I had to participate. 

After we moved to Berkeley Heights and joined Little Flower my ministry to the church began to evolve as I grew and matured, and continued throughout my time at Fordham University. 

One of the most rewarding parts of my ministry to the church are the relationships I have built over many years with our parishioners. I've seen many families through their sacraments of initiation, marriages, baptisms of their chiildren and more!"

Gina Ferraioli, Liturgical Lead

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