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Sessions for 6th Grade


6th Grade

We are taking our 6th graders on a journey through the story of Exodus, presenting the book as a series to help our children imagine the scriptures as a story unfolding. We discuss the themes of Exodus in two parts: 

1) Bringing the Bible to life: Every session the children will come in and sit on a rug that is meant to be a sacred and respectful place where we will start with prayer, a song, and then read some scripture verses. We will have them imagine what it is like during that time, what they are feeling, seeing, etc. Your children will be painting the picture. We call this IMAGINATIVE MEDITATION.

2) Small group discussion and sharing: Each group answer a question through discussion artwork. The result will be shared with the group. Genevieve Emanuel or a guest speaker will tie the results together to our overarching theme and relate that theme to your children's lives as young teenagers.


Session 1

IMAGINATIVE MEDITATION, we journey together with the story of Moses, who led the chosen people from slavery to freedom. The title of our session was: Hard times I, The Israelites Oppressed (Exodus 1:7-22). 


How God reveals Himself in the Old Testament?

How we can prove God exists?

How does that relate to hard times?

All these answers go back to how God experiences everything in His humanity and how He created us to be in relationship with Him because that is where we find our fulfillment.

Small Groups

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