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Lenten Kids Corner

What is Lent? (for children)

Lent is a great opportunity to talk about the deeper parts of our faith.

Christians observe this season in different ways, but the most common form is fasting. During this time, we prepare our hearts for Easter, consider what Jesus sacrificed on our behalf, and give serious consideration to our own lives and how we can become a better version of ourselves.

As you observe Lent, talk to your kids about why you are fasting, what you have chosen to fast from, and what it’s like: Has it been hard? Have you missed the thing you’ve given up? What is God teaching you through it?

You can help your children choose something they will fast from during Lent. It doesn’t have to be arduous, but simply a first step. Then, as the days go on, you can explore their own thoughts and feelings. Talk about what Jesus sacrificed for them. Or, read Matthew 4 (the story of Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness here) and talk with your kids about what that must have been like.

One of the mercies of Lent is that it doesn’t include Sundays. Every Sunday during Lent, you can break the fast and indulge a little. This part is designed for kids! 

Parents shouldn’t get too discouraged about Lent. Some kids will get it, and some will not, but it’s the habit that matters. We practice Lent because we believe there is something about it that shapes our souls to look like Jesus. Through Lent, we are sewing into our children’s hearts the lessons and practices for years to come. It’s the long game we’re after, and Lent plays a powerful part in it.

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Click the Pictures for Links to Lenten Resources for Kids

Catholic Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras.png

Fun Pre-Lenten Activities to do with your kids!

Examination of



"Let the children come!" Confession allows children to come to and know Jesus.

Easy Lenten Traditions

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These are simple to do at home!

Easter Symbols

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Share the Catholic traditions with your kids!

Divine Mercy

Sunday 4/24

families (1).png

Celebrating Divine Mercy with kids. 

40 Ways to Spend 40 Days

Lent 40 Days.jpg

40 ideas for things you can do with your kids during Lent.

40 Ideas for Parents


A list of ideas for parents to do during Lent.

Lenten Traditions

families (5).png

Lenten Traditions around the globe.

How to make a Palm Cross

families (2).png

Palm Sunday Scripture here

Meet the Saints

families (6).png

Saint stories for kids.

Explanation of Advent Wreath
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